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Should You Use Over-the-Counter Parts for Quick Electrical Fixes?

This is an issue we run into all the time. With the rise of the internet as a resource for people to perform DIY improvements on their homes, more and more people have started purchasing over the counter electrical components to try fixing things themselves. After all, learning something new can be fun, and it can be an interesting journey coming to understand how your electrical system works and how you can fix it. Well, it can also be an expensive journey that can break your heart and leave you stressed out as well.

Many homeowners who are approaching DIY work should just cut their losses and call an electrician. Boerne is full of old homes with electrical systems that are out of date and sometimes dangerous. Buying over-the-counter parts and trying to attempt a fix yourself could result in one of many problems we’re about to mention.

Choosing the Right Brand

When you go to purchase electrical components over-the-counter, there’s something that you might be forgetting. Different brands construct the different components that are on sale, and most homeowners are keen on choosing the cheapest one offered. While we understand the sentiment, unless you’ve got experience in the field of electrical work, that could be a disastrous decision. Buying parts when you don’t know about the companies that make them or the specific materials they’re constructed from, could lead you down a long road of causing more damage to your electrical system when all you wanted to do in the first place was help.

When a professional from our team addresses your electrical work, we usually get access to reliable brands that we work with on a regular basis. These brand-name electrical components are usually much cheaper when purchased by our team, so not only do we get to perform your work at a fair price, but we avoid all of the problems you’d get if you used a faulty part that was just the cheapest one offered at the hardware store.

Making Things Worse

We mentioned briefly that performing DIY work on your home’s electrical system could make things worse if you use faulty components. What we didn’t mention is that even with the right components made by the right brands, you could still make the problem worse. Electrical expertise comes with experience and the right amount of training, and without it, you’re risking doing damage to your home’s electrical system that could be incredibly expensive to have repaired by a pro when you finally admit defeat.

Avoid Safety Hazards

When you purchase electrical components from a hardware store, there’s a chance that you don’t know the specific materials they’re made out of. This is incredibly important when it comes to electrical work, because even a slight change in material composition could mean a safety hazard. We don’t mean to scare you, but that’s why we want to emphasize how important it is to have a professional perform this kind of work. Pros don’t mess around with safety protocols, and they know about electrical resistance, circuitry, and the latest breakthroughs in technology to help you get your work done quickly, affordably, and most importantly—safely.

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