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AC FAQ: Is My AC Sized Correctly?

Homeowners struggle with the ins and outs of AC repair. In fact, most homeowners aren’t even aware that air conditioners come in different sizes to begin with! This isn’t necessarily a problem with uninformed homeowners as it is a problem with people getting the wrong size AC installed and paying dearly for the consequences. As your go-to team of professionals, we’d like to talk about air conditioner sizing and how you could be the victim of a poorly planned AC installation.

No, we won’t just stop there. Homeowners need a way out of a decision like this. Luckily, we provide AC replacement in Boerne, TX so that if your system is starting to encounter problems because of its poor sizing, there is an affordable way out of the situation. So, keep reading and make sure to call our team today if you think you’re suffering from these problems.

Problems with Poorly Sized ACs

So, let’s say your air conditioner is encountering problems and you think it might be due to it being poorly sized when it was installed. How can you tell for sure? Well, take a look at some of our points below and always remember that you can call our team to have one of our professionals take a look so we can give you an answer that’s backed by experience.

Short Cycling

When your air conditioner runs, it should run a full cycle—full stop. That means it turns on, all the components inside the system run accordingly, your home is cooled to the temperature listed on your thermostat, and then it shuts off until it’s needed again. That’s a full air conditioner cycle.

When an air conditioner is too large, homeowners tend to think that bigger is better. However, when the system runs, it actually has to shut off before it’s allowed to complete a full cycle because otherwise, it would cause your home to be too cold. This is what we call a short cycle, and it’s pretty devastating to your air conditioner because it stresses certain components of the system causing premature breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Likewise, when an air conditioner is too small, it will run cycles over and over again. While this is still technically completing a cycle, it’s running far more frequently than it should be and it might never cool your home to the desired temperature. This is also a pretty serious problem that can shorten your air conditioner’s lifespan dramatically.

The Solution

Air conditioners that are poorly sized for your home don’t hide it very well. You’re likely to start encountering problems that make it obvious your AC is improperly suited to do its job. So, do yourself a favor and contact a team of professionals to take a look at the system. While repairs might keep it from completely breaking down, you’re likely due for a replacement so you can get an air conditioner that’s sized correctly.

Call the team at D’Spain Sales and Service to have your air conditioner assessed and fixed accordingly.

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