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Repair Your Refrigerant Line Today

An air conditioner relies on refrigerant to produce a cooling effect throughout your home. Without a refrigerant line full of refrigerant, this job gets harder and almost impossible to the point of a system breakdown. Many homeowners in our area turn on their air conditioners that have refrigerant leaks, oblivious to the fact that their system is one season away from breaking down or skyrocketing energy bills because of this.

So, for the more vigilant homeowners out there that are more concerned with AC repair in Boerne, TX, this blog post is for you. We’re all about giving you factual information about your air conditioner, especially when it has to do with a leaking refrigerant line that should be repaired. Keep reading and if you notice anything below that seems familiar, give our team a call as soon as possible!

Staying Vigilant

Detecting a problem with leaking refrigerant in your air conditioner is a measurement of vigilance. The more attention you pay to your AC system, the more likely it is that you’ll notice a problem when it springs up. Take a look at some of the points we’ve made below that might point to a refrigerant leak. If any of these seem familiar, then give our team a call today.

  • Lukewarm air. If your air conditioner is blowing out lukewarm or warm air instead of cool air on a particularly hot day, it can be hard not to notice. Unfortunately, refrigerant is vital to the cooling process, and without it, your system will struggle to cool even a small section of your home. Call us if you detect any decrease in cooling power, since it could be due to a pretty bad problem that needs to be repaired.
  • Skyrocketing bills. If your energy bills are on the up and up, it’s not just something to get used to. It can often be a sign that something is wrong with your air conditioner to the point where it’s consuming more energy than normal. Without enough refrigerant, your system could be trying to compromise which is going to consume more energy than you’re comfortable paying for. Call us to have this checked out today.
  • Hissing noise. If your air conditioner is starting to seem like it’s part air conditioner and part snake, with constant hissing noises towards you, then it could be something that needs to be fixed. Refrigerant is contained within your system as pressurized gas, which means it makes a hissing sound when it escapes through a tiny area. Call our team to have this patched up today.
  • Ice on the coils. When the system is low on refrigerant, the evaporator coil will have trouble absorbing heat. This means ice will start to form on and around the coil to the point where it will impede the cooling process and greatly decrease your system’s efficiency.

Repair Your System

If any of the former points sound familiar, you’re not alone. Many homeowners deal with leaking refrigerant lines, but the most vigilant ones will know to call us and have the issue repaired as soon as possible.

Call us at D’Spain Sales & Service today to have your AC repaired.

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