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End of Summer AC Repair Problems

question-markIt’s technically the end of summer, so doesn’t that mean we should be firing up our heaters and breaking out the hot chocolate? Well, not quite… Texas has a few more weeks to go before temperatures really start dropping.

But that means now’s a great time to take a look at your air conditioner and have it tuned up if needed. Better to look at it now than to find out next year, just before summer, that you desperately need a repair.

Before you shut off your AC for the season, make sure it isn’t suffering from one of the silent issues listed below.

Clogged Air Filter

Your air conditioner has been running all summer long, and that means it’s been taking in a lot of air. With that air comes dust, dirt, and other contaminants, like pet dander. All of these particles will contribute to dirtying your air filter, meaning it will have to be replaced.

Replacing the filter is so simple that most people usually forget about it entirely. That’s why we suggesting replacing it now, thus completely eliminating the chance that you’ll forget about it when summer rolls around again.

Plus, in the event that you use a heat pump, that means you’ll be using the same system to supply your heating. In that case, it’s even more essential to have your filter changed now.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil absorbs warm air, thus removing it from your home. There are some cases where the AC malfunctions and, as a result, freezes the evaporator coil. A frozen evaporator coil isn’t the kind of problem that makes loud noises, nor is it immediately visible, so it’s possible that you can develop this problem over the summer and not realize it.

The easiest way to check out it is simply by looking into the indoor AC unit. Even if you didn’t know what the evaporator coil looked like before, you’ll definitely know it if you see it caked in ice.

The problem with a frozen evaporator coil is that it blocks airflow, meaning your home will stay warmer for longer, thus wasting energy. It can also damage the system over time.

The causes of a frozen evaporator coil are never good, ranging from dirty air filters to refrigerant leaks. You’ll want to have it checked out by a professional in the event that it is due to something drastic like a refrigerant leak.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Ok, now this isn’t technically a repair issue, but it deserves a spot on the list.

Your condenser coil is very similar to your evaporator coil, but it’s also its opposite. This coil is located in the outdoor AC unit, and its job is to release heat. Since the condenser coil is outdoors, it’s much more susceptible to dust and debris collecting on it through the summer. Too much dust on the coil can insulate it, preventing it from being able to release heat, and that can lead to serious problems. You’ll want to make sure that it’s thoroughly cleaned, and a good chance to get that done is right at the end of the season.

Notice a problem with your air conditioner? The cold season is the perfect time to call! Contact D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. to schedule a service.

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